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The content of this page is no longer updated. As BASF acquired Becker Underwood, all new content can be found at This page serves primarily as a product finder and provides information on our products.

BASF Acquisition


BASF has completed the acquisition of Becker Underwood.
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NODULAID™ is a powerful peat based inoculant for inoculating legume and pulse crops. Nodulaid can be applied pre-sowing using the traditional slurry coating method whilst augering seed into the drill. Nodulaid may also be applied by water injection in-furrow using a liquid injection rig. MORE


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Research Triangle Park
NC 27709 USA
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Becker Underwood is the global leader in the development and commercialization of yield-improving and value-creating seed-applied biological products for the agricultural sector. Becker Underwood's core competency lies in the rapid commercialization of breakthrough R&D.

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