Becker Underwood
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Becker Underwood’s family of polymers keeps actives on the seed, controls dust-off during and after the seed treatment process, improves application coverage, plantability, seed flow in seed facilities, seed performance, seed appearance and seed build up.

With greater investments farmers are making in seed traits and treatments -- applied at low and high usage rates -- seed companies and producers want to secure the desired treatments to the seed each time.


Treated Seed
New Flo Rite® 1706 keeps seed treatments where they belong, on the seed. It is also rhizobia friendly for worry-free application with inoculants.
Easy clean up and low viscosity
Water-based polymer with easy clean up
This wettable powder features easy clean up
Flo Rite® 1197 keeps actives on the seed, and everything else you want your polymer to do, all with a quick dry-down time.
OMRI-certified organic polymer
Easy clean up, low viscosity, with a neutral pH.
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Becker Underwood is the global leader in the development and commercialization of yield-improving and value-creating seed-applied biological products for the agricultural sector. Becker Underwood's core competency lies in the rapid commercialization of breakthrough R&D.

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