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Flo Rite® 1706 Plantability Polymer

Treated Seed

Keep Seed Treatments Where They Belong

New Flo Rite® 1706 plantability polymer is designed to keep valuable seed coating investments right where they belong – on the seed.

Flo Rite reduces dust-off, improves plantability, and increases seed drop efficiency by reducing skips and doubles. It’s rhizobia-friendly formulation makes it a perfect match for use with VAULT HP plus Integral.

Less dust-off also means increased safety for workers and less impact on the environment.

Flo Rite 1706 Plantability Polymer . . .

  • Improves adhesion of actives
  • Reduces and controls dust-off
  • Enhances worker and producer safety
  • Preserves value of seed treatments
  • Compatible with major fungicides, insecticides, inoculants and colorants
  • Improves plantability of high-value genetics
  • Improves seed flow through planter
  • Increases seed drop accuracy
  • Reduces skips and doubles
  • Improves flow and handling through seed treaters
  • Provides more uniform coverage of treatments.
  • Creates smoother seed surface and improved appearance
  • Reduces stickiness, seed bridging and clumping
  • Helps increase seed flow during conditioning
  • Improves handling following seed treatment
  • Eliminates need for talc* during seed treatment
  • Rhizobia-friendly makes Flo Rite 1706 ideal for use with VAULT® HP plus INTEGRAL®
  • Low, uniform application rate — just 1.0 fl oz/CWT seed
  • Eliminates need for multiple pumps and applications
  • Water-based, neutral pH and low viscosity
  • Cleans up easily

*Growers should follow their planter manufacturer’s recommendation for seed/planter lubricant requirements (graphite or talc).

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