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The content of this page is no longer updated. As BASF acquired Becker Underwood, all new content can be found at This page serves primarily as a product finder and provides information on our products.

Turf & Horticulture

Becker Underwood is a trusted resource in providing solutions to meet the needs of professionals in the turf and horticultural industries, including superintendents and turf managers, greenhouse and nursery growers, lake and pond managers and vegetation management applicators. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality products that help solve unique challenges, backed by guaranteed customer service satisfaction.

Becker Underwood is the industry leader in the development of long-lasting, natural-looking turf colorants.
Beneficial nematodes are tiny worms that safely attack and kill only the targeted pests, for long-term control.
Becker Underwood continues to be a leader in the development of biological solutions with products like Subtilex® NG biological fungicide.
Becker Underwood’s lake and pond management solutions help control aquatic weeds and algae, clarify and deodorize water features and provide uniform color.
Becker Underwood produces a variety of turf and plant nutrient solutions that provide a host of unique benefits.
Becker Underwood’s unique combinations of beneficial nutrients and natural ingredients help increase root growth and enhance water and nutrient uptake in a variety of plants.
Becker Underwood’s turf spray pattern indicators allow superintendents and professional turf managers see exactly where they spray.
Vegetation management professionals can increase spray accuracy and coverage, while also reducing costs and wasted product.
Becker Underwood soil wetting agents help alleviate soil water repellency and limit development of LDS in turf.
Becker Underwood is the source for powerful tank system cleaners that help ensure applications are free of residues or other contaminants.
Becker Underwood offers a variety of solutions to help increase efficacy of pest control product applications.
Our colorant and coating solutions are still the most trusted in the industry for their high quality and performance.
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Becker Underwood is the global leader in the development and commercialization of yield-improving and value-creating seed-applied biological products for the agricultural sector. Becker Underwood's core competency lies in the rapid commercialization of breakthrough R&D.

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